How To Build Your First 100 Fans As A Music Artist

How To Build Your Fanbase As A Music Artist

Topics covered:

  • What you'll need to do to build your fanbase
  • How to get people to care about you
  • How to get organic listeners
  • How to turn listeners into fans
  • How to build your fanbase in person
  • How to build your fanbase on Instagram
  • How to build your fanbase on Twitter
  • What to do after building 100 fans

What's Included

Step By Step Instructions

This book includes a simple 4 step system to help you build your fan base as a music artist.

Strategies Included

In addition to the four step system, this book also includes recommended strategies for building your fan base.​

Everything You Need

Everything you need to build your fan base from 0 to 100 is included in this book.

How To Build Your First 100 Fans As A Music Artist

The Motivation Behind This Book

A lot of information on the internet for helping music artists is counter-productive. Instead of helping you accomplish a goal, they overload you with information – which can be overwhelming when you’re in the beginning stages of a music career. This book aims to solve that problem by helping you achieve only one goal: build your fanbase. This book doesn’t talk about licensing, touring, merchandise sourcing, or any of that. It’s all about growing your fanbase.

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